Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Review: Recipe Records: a culinary Tribute to the Beatles

If you are like me, when you first heard that there was a Beatles cookbook, you laughed a bit and thought, "a Beatles cookbook---my goodness they  have Beatles everything these days!"   Since I am not a cook and I actually do not do any cooking whatsoever, I totally forgot about the Beatles cookbook right after I first heard about it.

Then I went to the Fest for Beatle fans and Lanea Stagg's presentation about her cookbook was sandwiched right in the middle of two things I really wanted to hear and so I stuck around and listened to what she had to say about the book--it also helped that she has free samples of Savoy Truffles to hand out.

What I found is that the book is full of recipes with the funniest Beatles sounding names.   The more names that were read aloud, the more I laughed.   Anyone want some "Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey break?"   How about some "Stuffed Sgt. Peppers?"   Anyone want a "George Martini?"   The more I laughed at the fun and silly names of the recipes in the book, the more I realized that as an self proclaimed "Beatles historian", I take the Beatles way too seriously at times.   The Beatles were a group that was full of humor and they would have found these names to be funny as well.   I think of all the puns that John Lennon wrote and told, and I know that this sort of thing would be right up his alley.

But the recipes are more than just cute Beatle names, but they are actually tasty and easy to make goodies!   I have tried some of the recipes and I have not been disappointed.   Lanea Stagg made sure that each of the recipes are something that people can make at home without needing a bunch of strange ingredients. 

In addition to the recipes, there are also some Beatles information about the songs or people that inspired the recipe.

Lanea has three book in total.   Besides the Beatles version, there is also a 1960's edition and the rock and roll edition. 

I recommend any of these books, especially for those of you that like to cook.    These books also make great gifts for anyone---who knows a Beatles cookbook might be the springboard to getting someone you know into the Beatles!   You can order the cookbooks for $10 each (you can't beat that price!) at  Recipe Records. 

However....I do have some good news!   Lanea Stagg has been super kind to donate one cookbook to be given away as the "mystery prize" in this month's contest!   

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