Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Remembering Cyn

Photo by Michael Mondi copyright held by Sara Schmidt

I have been hit hard with the news of Cynthia Lennon's death today.   I didn't realize how hard the death of a Beatle girl would be on me.   In spite of what yahoo news seems to say, Cynthia Lennon was far more than just the "ex-wife of Beatle John Lennon."   Sure she was that, but she was so much more.

Cynthia was a talented artist.   The drawings in her book, a Twist of Lennon were so clever and humorous.   Of course it was through the art college in Liverpool that John and Cynthia first met.   They were total opposites in so many ways.   Cynthia was studious and John was not.   John was adventurous and Cyn as cautious.   And yet through their differences John and Cynthia fell in love.  

Cynthia was a loving, caring mother.   When Cynthia found out she was pregnant, John stepped up and did the right thing and married Cyn.   However, it is my opinion that John and Cyn would have gotten married a few years later even if she was not pregnant.   While John was off touring the world, Cynthia stayed at home, often in secret, and carried for Julian.    Cynthia and Julian were extremely close and had a strong mother-son bond.   Cynthia raise Julian to be a kind-hearted man.  

Cynthia was a supportive woman.   She might have been unhappy that her husband was never around, but at the end of the day, she was there for John for moral support.   She followed the rules set for her as a Beatle wife.    She never asked to be a famous person, and yet she was thrown into it and did everything she could within her power to be there for her husband and his band.

Cynthia was a good friend.   There are so many stories that you read about Cynthia and Maureen being there for one another through the tough times.   Cynthia was actually with Maureen when she heard that John had been murdered.    Cynthia made friends with John's girlfriend, May Pang and remained friends with her throughout her life.   Time and time again everyone that new her only had wonderful things to say about the friendship she had with Cyn.

Cynthia was a kind woman who did not allow her personal heartbreaks to turn her into a mean, bitter woman.   In today's world of tabloid journalism,  we expect to hear ex-wives say bad things about their former husband's lovers.    And yet Cynthia Lennon took the high road.   I have never once heard her say mean things about Yoko Ono.   And you know what....she could have gone that route and no one would have really blamed her.    And yet she also was a lady and never bad mouthed Yoko.  The only person I ever heard her say anything negative about what Aunt Mimi.  

My heart breaks for Julian and for the other family and friends of Cynthia.    And my heart breaks for all of us because we no longer have that beautiful smile of the kind hearted Cynthia Lennon.   We will miss you Cyn.



  2. beautiful snap of an extraordinary lady

  3. Sara - lovely article that I totally agree with; she will be missed

  4. Like everyone else, I was shocked to hear of Cyn's death. I had no idea she was sick... I saw her several times in the late 60's. She was always nice to me. I once either mailed or left a toy for Julian at their house and she mailed me a thank you note and a signed Beatle photo pretending to be John. Of course I recognized her handwriting on the photo (the note was typed and signed as John), but I just thought it was so sweet of her to make me feel that John was thanking me for the gift... May she rest in peace. And as for Julian... these are going to be hard times for him.

  5. Cynthia was always nice to fans unlike another Beatle wife; classy, strong & kind. RIP.