Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love those Japanese fans!

I really admire and love the Beatle fans in Japan.    I wish I knew some of the them and could talk to them.   They have a love for the guys that is just amazing.   Take a look at Paul and Nancy today as they arrived in Japan.   

If any Japanese fans read this blog---I hope you enjoy having Paul in your country!

a lucky day for the fan that got this mini guitar signed!

Cute Japanese drawing of Paul and Nancy!   How creative!


  1. They are definitely very dedicated fans. I had several Japanese pen-pals in the sixties. I wonder where they are now... I hope it's in the middle of that crowd!

  2. met some Japanese fans who came to NYC in 1976 to see Paul at MSG - very devoted Beatle folks and very nice people who really couldn't speak english at the time