Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Make way for John and May!


  1. am thinking that John cared for May but really used her until Yoko figured out she couldn't make it on her own talentless merit and called him back home

  2. You are hardly the only one who thinks as you do. Getting pregnant sealed the deal - oldest trick in the book. In an interview with a Japanese publication during that time, she all but said she was finished with John and that her feelings had changed, even if his really hadn't.

  3. still dislike what yoko did to julian period

  4. Yoko was not due to have Sean on 9 October, but she made damn well sure he would be out of her stomach on that day so John would think she was amazing...she might have had an ounce of love for John, but honestly, she wanted his fame and of course his money. She came from a wealthy family and she aspired to nothing like her parents had wanted for her.She had 2 marriages before John, which neither one of them gave her the freedom,the fame or the money to live in a lifestyle she obviously saw herself in. John's fame was big enough for her to unleash her stalking upon, disrupting three peoples lives because she wanted what she didn't have.Make no mistake about her, she is cunning, manipulative and really not a nice person at all.(and yes I know this firsthand)IIf she really loved John,she wouldn't have removed him from his first born son, move 3500 miles away to NYC and finally,she was suppose to know the 'NY Scene' so well, then how come she didn't back away from Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin back then? Everyone in NYC was well away of their antics, and we all stayed far from them as they just wanted to cause trouble.They used John's fame as well. Yoko isn't smart, she's cunning, there's a huge difference! If they would have stayed in the UK, yes I firmly believe that John would not have been murdered...but while he was with May, he was really HAPPY.Look at any photo of him kissing Yoko, they kissed like a brother and passion. That photo of him kissing May had his cheeks sucked in so much, cos that's a passionate KISS! The only reason that Yoko snared him back soon after that photo was published in all the papers is Yoko knew she was going to lose her money tree-John. John & May were house hunting out on Long Island, John was going to leave Yoko...and remember Yoko is certainly no angel-she was all over David Spinozza during that time. And in early January 1981,she had Sam Havatoy living with her and even let him wear John's clothes! WTF??? She is scum

  5. very well said anon 4/13 if folks like it or not - to add there was another cunning & manipulating wife from NY of the lads who told us in 1969 to "go away- he's not a Beatle anymore - he's a MAN now!" oh well.

  6. yoko also had another lover living with her named john for a while after sam (who was bisexual) was out of the picture but I don't recall his last name

  7. Oh wow, "she is scum", whew!

    Just a couple of things, I have always found it ridiculous, the whole Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin are evil enemies of the Beatles or something, just because John "denounced" them, as he denounced everything and everybody. Whether or not it's Magic Alex, or the Maharishi, or Janov...or Michael X.....or Harry Nilsson, Stuart Sutcliffe, Brian Epstein, Pete Shotten and Paul McCartney (and maybe even Peter Boyle) (Fred Seaman?).....John was prone to have his Daddy figures, as well as his sidekicks. I hardly think Yoko was the one who steered him into Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin.

    Yes, if John and Yoko had stayed in England, (ten years earlier), he wouldn't be have been murdered. All four Beatles have/had homes in the US, and all are married to Americans. Why not blame the US government? If the US government hadn't let John stay in the USA, he wouldn't have been murdered.

    I agree that Yoko had a touch of the gold digger, and the fame seeking....more than a touch.... but I'm sure John was not an easy guy to live with. There's a tape of an interview, it was done on his birthday in 1971, or 1972....and he's just completely rude to her, talking really obnoxiously to her (lecturing her about Pete Townshend, who has subsequently mentioned that Yoko was a big influence on him, especially his smashing the guitar routine) there's two sides to it.

    There are times where I want to throttle Yoko! The David Frost Show that they did with David Peel is just unbearably painful to watch! I'm not a Yoko acolyte. I agree with some of what was said, but I just think it's pathetic to be going through all this sordid soap opera stuff when it's 2015.

    All's fair in love and war. Someone said you don't like the way she treated Julian? Well what about John? He could have treated Julian better, including putting him in his will.

    Yoko is "scum", sorry, but that's completely ridiculous, and I think you're invested a little bit too much in other people's relationships.

    At the end of the day, John chose Yoko. I love May, but May was not the artist that Yoko was, and that is definitely a major attraction (to other artists). Cynthia was an artist too, people forget that. How many books has May written? Who has written more, her, Pete Best, or Louise Harrison?

    I understand people - including myself - not digging her screeching behind Chuck Berry and John, or at the Rock and Roll Circus. But, sorry, "Walking On Thin Ice", "Death Of Samantha"....those are great songs, I don't care who wrote them. The seed for "Imagine" comes from Grapefruit. "Julia", "Oh My Love", "Don't Let Me Down"....."Jealous Guy", "I'm Losing You".....etc only contract with John is his work........and Yoko inspired some of the very best of it so....scum or no scum.....I'm really happy he married her, it's made all the difference to me, and all the difference to us all.

    VIVA YOKO!!!!!

  8. to each his own - never liked yoko

  9. always loved john's music but he was rather crackers especially with yoko