Monday, March 2, 2015

For I have got another girl

Did you know that George Harrison's sister, Louise was asked to be the girl that Paul strums like a guitar in the "Another Girl" sequence in the movie Help!?   In her book, My Kid Brother's Band, Louise states that she was considered for the part, as she was with the boys in the Bahamas in the early filming of the movie.  However, George was pretty embarrassed by the thought of his sister in a bikini on the big-screen and the idea was dropped.    However, Lou was in the movie---even though no one has spotted her yet.   She was in the crowd when the boys were in the swimming pool.  


  1. lol- is that for real? she'd still be trying to collect $$$ for the part to this day

  2. loved the way the lads looked in 1965

  3. Had no idea she's in that scene, thanks for the info! (and the pics!)

    "Another Girl" is probably my favorite musical number from "Help", for many reasons but especially because John cracks me up!

  4. Another Girl, The Night Before, I Need You & You're Gonna Lose That Girl are just fantastic in Help

  5. Who is the woman in white trousers, between Paul and George? Her eyes are huge, like a Bond girl

    1. I actually have posters of her and the band that my aunt must have picked up at the movie premiere