Monday, February 2, 2015

For the kids at Willowbrook

In 1972, John and Yoko saw on television the program that Geraldo Rivera made about the terrible conditions at the Willowbrook State School.     I have seen some of the film and it is extremely upsetting to think that anyone would have to live in such terrible conditions, but especially children that are mentally impaired and not capable of caring for themselves.    Yoko contacted Rivera shortly after it aired on television and asked how she can John could help.    That is when the ball started rolling for the now famous "One to One concert."     I always found it a bit surprising, with John's attitude toward the handy-capped that he would feel so strongly about helping out the kids at Willowbrook, but it goes to show that John did care, even if he did feel uncomfortable as a Beatle being put in the  position as a healer.

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  1. did they actually do the concert for the willowbrook with the real kids as an audience?