Monday, January 5, 2015

An interview with a cabby

I love this!   On May 10, 1976 the Wings' Over America tour stopped in Cleveland, Ohio and in the paper was a photo of Paul and the gang in a cab.    I don't believe I have that exact photo posted here.   But the local fans from "With a little Help from my Friends" kept their eyes peeled around town for the cab that Paul rode is so that they could talk to the cab driver about it!    I love it!   

This article was from the October 1976 issue of WALHFMF   and was written by "So" (who I cannot recall used that name when writing.)

Greetings friends and neighbors!
And yes, your on the scene WALHFMF reporter has done it again!  Of course in May when Paul McCartney arrived at the Cleveland Coliseum in all the regal splendor of...yellow cab????

Yes, we remember that moment in time when cab #830 was permanently fixed in all our one-track minds.    Ever since this reporter (cough) has kept an eagle eye peeled in downtown Cleveland and five months later, stumbled on THE cab, parked smack in front of her own office building!  (I also probably astounded the hell out  the cab driver who wondered how in the world this lunatic tracked him down 5 months after the fact!)   But he was quite a nice fellow, and humored me by assuring me he had indeed chauffeured Paul, Linda and kids to the Coliseum.  He also added, rather sourly, that P.M. back-seat drove the entire way out there ("Slow down!  Speed up!  Catch up with that cab!")  He also asked the cabby if he'd ever heard of the Beatles!  (True modesty, Macca!).  The ride out there cost $23 per cab and whoever paid the drivers (one of the managers)failed to tip him.   Ah well, Paul never mind...maybe next time they;ll land you at the right airport!  A

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