Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Long and Winding road

These photos were taken by Jorie Gracen at the same event that is talked about in this story

The Long and Winding Road
By Maureen Lowry (Beatles Fans Unite fan club)

It took place back in ’95.  Paul and wife, Linda were here in Chicago to promote Linda’s second veggie book.  They would be having a reception at a restaurant downtown.  A friend of mine, who works for a local radio station, called to say that he was positive he could get a couple of passes to get in and meet the couple.

Not believing this could all be true, I went about my business and tried not to think about any more about it.  I had to go out to a bridal shower the same day we were to meet Paul.

My friend still wasn’t sure that morning if we would still be able to go.  I told him I wouldn’t be home, but to contact my husband if he heard any more.  I went to the bridal shower which was miles away from home.  I heard nothing from my husband, so I figured it was over; we wouldn’t go.
As I arrived home later, my husband said that my friend had called and we would be going.
It was all as if I were in a dream.  I did everything so nonchalantly, as if I do it every day.

We arrived at the restaurant, were let in, and were given tastes of Linda’s food.  I was still extremely calm.  Suddenly, off in the corner, I saw camera’s flashing.  All my dreams came true as “he” entered the room with Linda.  And for the first time in my life, he was only a few steps away!  Immediate tears came to my eyes, but not wanting Paul to think I was a “lunatic”, I held back the emotions.
He stood almost directly in front of us, and began receiving his guests.  As we waited to walk up to him, I was talking to my friend, but could “feel” that someone was looking right at me!  I glanced over to Paul, and found this—it was HE who was looking directly at me!  Our eyes met, and he winked at smiled and nodded his head.  Wow, he noticed me!

It was now our turn to meet him.  I stood right at his left side, while my friend, who had met him before started talking to him.  I just stood there, trying my best to take in everything about him, all the while “shaking in my boots!”

Suddenly , I heard my friend say, “Paul, I want you to meet my friend, Maureen.”

He looked right at me, held out his hand, and I shook it.  Then I told him about our fan club, “Beatles Fans Unite” and he said, “Hey, that’s cool!”  I also mentioned to him that I am an artist, and he asked what kind of art I enjoy doing. 

Though my favorite art is drawing the Beatles, I didn’t want to bring up “that” name, not knowing if he would appreciate it or not, so I dumbfoundly just said, “Uh, I like drawing, YOU!”

He laughed so hard and once again responded with “cool!”  I then proceeded to ask him if he would mind autographing a photo of himself that I had brought along.  He very kindly agreed, and added that he was happy to have met me. 

I actually believe that my “blunder” about my drawing made him feel at ease and gave him a  bit of a laugh.

We stayed a bit longer, and I just couldn’t stop watching his every move.  I didn’t get the opportunity to actually meet Linda, as they were moving things along too fast, but she seemed so sweet and some who had met her agreed that she was a very friendly lady.

Paul was wonderful, friendly, funny and very handsome!   It is a time I will forever cherish!

When I arrived home later, I began to tell my husband and children all that had happened, but as I did, all the pent up emotions came flowing.  I broke down and cried, but they were tears of extreme happiness!!

Now each time I see the photo with his signature, I am reminded of my dream come true.

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