Monday, November 17, 2014

John and Yoko '76

With much love and thanks to Brian V. for sharing this photo of John and Yoko in '76.   Every so often I come across a John Lennon photograph that just brings tears to my eyes.   And this photo was one of those few.    It is a beautiful photo and makes me wish I could just chat with John. 

From the collection of Brian V. posted here with his permission
A little bit of background about this photo:
It was taken in late 1976 (the photo developing date on the back is December 1976) not far from the Dakota.  In the photo, John is holding the Sunday Edition of the Daily Mail.   Brian purchased it many years ago from the man who took the photo-- he does not recall the man's name and did not ask him at the time about negatives or how many prints were made.  However, you can tell from the condition of the photograph that whoever took it had carried it around with him for quite some time!

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  1. That IS a really beautiful shot, Sara, John looks so content and so approachable. Wish we knew the story that went along with it. Anyway, it's a great photo. Thanks as always for sharing!

  2. Amazing photo, Sara - thank you for sharing, Brian V.!

  3. Yeah Sara "DITTO" many thanks you always amaze me with the photos I see on your site. Thanks again and keep up the good work.....

  4. Proving once again that you 'are' the best x

  5. At those times, it could happen to take pictures, but not to immediately develop the photo roll, you would wait to finish the negative film (of 12, or 24 or 36 pics). So, when you finished it and made it develop, and then print on paper, if the photo store did, you could print the date on the photo margin. So the fact that the date was printed does not necessarily mean that it was exactly the date when the photograph was taken. Yoko mainly, but even John, are dressed too light, to be December in NY, on the street. Surely the photo was taken long before, when it was still hot, and printed in December.