Monday, October 20, 2014

The tour without the Beatles

December 3, 1969 and George is touring with Bonnie and Delaney throughout the U.K.    Didn't this make anyone angry?   Weren't fans wondering why George was on tour with a band that wasn't the Beatles?  


  1. Perhaps as a very talented musician and going through the group's problems at the time, George needed an outlet to be creative.

  2. I think the fans were probably more annoyed with John and Yoko at that point!!! I think they were busy wondering why John was putting out "The Wedding Album" with 27 minutes of "JOHN! ....Yoko?.....Johhn!....Yoko!".

    (Plus Delaney & Bonnie were a happening band at that moment....then you got Eric Clapton, who was huge at that time, just out of Cream.......and then you add Harrysong to the mix.....I think that would have been seen as a completely acceptable side-project for George......after all, "Abbey Road" was freshly released! Fans had fresh Beatle product to feast on!