Monday, October 20, 2014

The return of Faul

Back in 2010, I posted photos from this day that I lovingly named the "Faul photos."    And here is another photo taken from the same day.   Fans talk about their favorite and least favorite looks of Paul through the years.    I will take the mullet, the early 1980's cut, the funky mis-matched clothing, anything at all before THIS look.   What was Paul thinking?   All I can figure out is that he was trying to disguise himself from fans or something.   Anyone have a year for this look?  


  1. My research has led me to believe this was taken just after Paul & Wings had returned to London from Scotland in Aug 1973 after preparing the demos for the upcoming BOTR Recording sessions. Whilst in Scotland both Paul & Denny grew similar hideous facial hair lol

    1. Great research, you really seemed to have narrowed it down!!!

  2. Getting a Lemmy/Motorhead vibe here....