Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hippie Beatle fans

Photo belongs to" kaforeman" .  It is posted here with permission.  

If this isn't the CUTEST photo of some teenagers in the 1960's with great Beatles photos in the background, then what is?    Check out the photos!  I see Paul from the Dirty Weekend, 1965 press conference, 1966 photo shoot and so much more!   I love this!

I found this photo on a neat site called "Are you in my photo?"   It is a neat concept of locating random people who are in photographs from your family albums.   You all know how much I adore photographs in general and I believe in the preservation of vintage photos.   So this site is small, but worth checking out.   Much thanks to "kaforeman" for allowing me to post this photo on my blog. 

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  1. May I compliment Kaforeman and his friends for his excellent, prescient taste in music! You sure picked the right horse(s)! And thank you for sharing this super cool photo with us, you were definitely "one of the beautiful people"!