Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One of the only girls in the room

The information I am posting here came from this page.   It is about a WIBBAGE radio disc jockey named Bill Wright and his daughter, Kelly.   Kelly was only 9 years old when the Beatles came to Philadelphia and she was a Beatles maniac!   Because of the connection through her father, she met a variety of bands in the 1960's, but nothing compared to when she met the Beatles 50 years ago today!

Copyright Kelly Wright

Kelly Wright on how she became a Beatles fan:
" I was lucky because Dad used to get promotional albums and 45's.  The first one I had was "I wanna hold your hand" flip side "I Saw Her Standing there" and I played that until the grooves wore through."

Kelly on how she got to meet the Beatles:
"There was a press conference that was being held before the show.  The first idea was that I would attend the press conference just like anyone else might because my Dad was on at the station.  Then we found out there was a strange rule that no females were allowed in this press conference.  I was upset beyond compare but I heard Frank Rizzo, the police commissioner, got involved and somehow they figured out an idea that I was to present the Beatles with a plaque from the girls of Philadelphia and that is what enabled me to stay at the press conference when there were no other females allowed except a group of nine girls that had been chosen from the radio audience of WIBBAGE to be able to meet them.  That happened after my experience of presenting them with this plaque."
Kelly on meeting the Beatles
I remember when they first walked into the press conference.  I had my brand new autograph book in my hand.  I had my Beatles ring on.  I had my size 12 1/2 blue dress and ankle socks.  I bit on my autograph book and it still has bite marks on it  (Kelly bit on her autograph book to stop herself from screaming.  She thought if she screamed, they would kick her out of the press conference and she would miss her chance at meeting the Beatles).   Someone ushered me up in between the four of them where they were standing next to folding chairs.  My Dad was there.   I went to stand up on a chair for a photo with this plaque that was poster size and made of wood and medal.   I was so nervous that I almost fell off the chair.  John Lennon very gently but firmly grabbed my arm to steady me and help me to stand up straight on the chair.  His touch just did it for me.  He was my kindred spirit from then on.   They were just such regular people.  John was just a regular, caring person.  Once I was standing on the chair listening to them and talking to them, there was no reason to scream.  They were really regular, nice people.  They paid some attention to me and that was so important.  That John Lennon would be paying so much attention to me, a little girl.
 Kelly on getting the Beatles autographs

 From my memory, I had been escorted back out to the audience where my brother and our baby sitter was.  I realized that I had this autograph book but no autographs.  I apparently became a backstage brat.  I left my chair and went to the side door and knocked on it.  When someone opened it, I said that I was Bill Wright's daughter and I  need autographs.  Somehow or another everything kicked into gear again and I was being led down a long, this hallway.  A door opened up and the first person I saw was John and I made a beeline right to him and he picked up his pen, took my autograph book and he signed it, "to Kelly love from John Lennon."  From John I went to over to Paul.  He said the same thing in his autograph, "To Kelly love from..."  George did the same.   Ringo was out in the hall, so when I was leaving and saying goodbye to the guys--Ringo just signed it "Ringo Starr."  He was busy flirting with some female reporter.  That was it!

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