Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Concert memories in Philadelphia

Not a whole lot of concert photos from Philly are available.   When I was on holiday in Memphis, TN about 10 years ago, I one large photo from Philadelphia for sale in a shop on Beale Street.  I couldn't believe my luck!   Since that time, very few Philly '64 concert photos have appeared.  I am not sure why.

photo by Glenn McCurdy

No PA system to speak of. No monitors. Girls' deafening screams prevented them from hearing themselves. My parents paid "top dollar" ($5.50) for "orchestra" seats…folding chairs near the stage. Took me and my three siblings and four friends. My father predicted: "You won't hear about these guys in a year…" One of the few times he was wrong. Thanks Mom and Dad. This concert changed my life! --unknown

I was there that night!  It was a 2 hour show and they only came on in the last 30 minutes or so.  It was one of the greatest nights of my life!  I will never forget the energy and excitement in that venue.  You could hardly hear them but it didn't matter, they were in the building and that was all that mattered.  I feel honored that I saw them in person and again when they came to Philly at JFK!  I have continued to see Paul any time he has come to Philly.  Seeing the Beatles will always be a moment in my life I will treasure.   -Patricia K.

I was there at Philly show.  I didn't hear anything as everyone was screaming.  My Grandfather got me and my friend Debbie seats. They had wooden folding chairs and we all stood on them to see them.  –Katy K.

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  1. I've posted some photographs (alas, very bad quality) and screenshots of this event here: http://www.bootlegzone.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=31326