Friday, September 12, 2014

Fans remember the Beatles in Boston

I was at the concert too! As one is standing right in front of the stage…I was in the left front row. Great story just how we (with 4 friends) ever got to sit in the front row! Great time! Great memories! I have two different pictures of the Beatles singing…a little blurry, but very cool! Right after the Beatles left the stage (at the end of the concert)I ran up to the stage and managed to get a Boston Policeman to reach up onto the stage and grab a “Beatles” hat right off the stage for me! Whether it was one of their hats, I will never know. I thought it was John’s cap… but not sure of that. I was in my senior year of High School and I will never forget that night!!! –Betsey

I was 11 at the time and I had to fight to go. My oldest sister promised to protect me. As it turned out another of my sisters punched me in my eye–she was charging into the crowd as someone yelled “there they are!” Not so.
We got into the show thanks to my Boston Police detective busting a scalper (12 hot tickets), and this lead to a phone call to our house–”anyone want to go to the Beatles?” That’s when the madness started. AWESOME. –Leo B.

I was in fifth grade and was in the front row at the railing of the first balcony. I remember it like it was yesterday, even what i was wearing. God Bless my friend whose uncle got us tickets. I begged my parents to let me go and they said, "Yes".
I was there standing just to John's right .. wish there were more footage. When they're all looking over to their right .. they're keeping time as a Tidal Wave Scream which started at the very back of the Garden rolled forward crashing onto their stage totally wiping out the sound .. zero sound .. totally angered John .

“When it was all over, nobody wanted to leave. Girls were crying; people were overwhelmed. I remember seeing a police officer trying to pull a girl out of her chair but she wouldn’t let go of the chair and kicked him!”  --Jeanne B.
“We were in the first balcony, first row to the left, and my mother was afraid we were going to be pushed over the balcony by one of the crazy fans. We just sat there yelling and crying while holding up homemade signs (I love Paul or John, I think). We couldn’t even hear them play; we just sat there like fools.”—Donna M.

“I remember there was all this talk about to scream or not to scream at concerts. Before the concert we thought we will scream, but once we were there and the Beatles actually ran on the stage I was very quiet. I couldn’t believe we were in the same room with the Beatles.” – Elizabeth G.
“I ran down until I reached the first set of chairs on the same side next to the stage. I stood up on the seats and started screaming just like everyone else. [It was contagious, like a mob scene, but we were pretty well behaved.] At one point too many of us had climbed onto the same set of chairs and it fell backwards. Most of us who had been on the set of seats just stood the chairs back up, climbed on top of them, and went on screaming, just like nothing had happened.” –Eleanor B.


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  1. It's so funny how each city's fans actually DO have their own character!! The confetti shot is hilarious! And these stories are particularly spirited! Love it.