Monday, September 15, 2014

Confessions of a Beatlemaniac!! -- Book Review

If  you are a regular reader of this blog, then I am going to assume that you enjoy reading stories of Beatle fans who met at least one of the Beatles in person.  And if you enjoy reading those types of stories, you will love the book Confessions of a Beatlemaniac by Dee Elias.

Her book is her true life story of being a Beatles fan in the Cleveland area from 1964-1966.  The book was written when she was young and was taken directly from her diaries.   She drew some adorable cartoons that go along with the little stories (as you can see in the photo above).  You will join Dee as she and her BFF, Paulette, fall in love with the Beatles, have Beatles parties (the song she wrote for the party is hilarious and adorable!), and do whatever it takes to meet the Beatles in person.

Dee and her friends have a very sad story about how they obtained tickets to see the Beatles in Cleveland (50 years ago today).  They did not get the tickets they should have gotten, but they were in the Public Hall.  And (get this) they snuck into the Public Hall before the show to practice rushing the stage!  Two of the girls would pretend to be police, and one of them would run up and try to get past them, and then they would switch roles.  What happened when they got caught in this practice is so funny!

Dee then saw the Beatles in Chicago in 1965, but she still didn't get to meet them. That happened in 1966 when the Beatles came to Cleveland again.  I will not let you know HOW she got into the Beatles hotel room with a special gift, but I will say that she was there and talked to John and Paul. George was on the phone to England (talking to wife Pattie, most likely), and Ringo was asleep in the other room.    She has one photo of George on the phone that survived, and if you want to see it, then you are going to have to "like" this book on Facebook!   Dee has the photo she took there for you to see.  Her page only has 100 likes, and it is deserving of so many more.   Spread the word!

As you can tell, I like just about every book about the Beatles that I read.   But this one seriously was one of the funniest and heartwarming Beatle books I have read in years.  You will find yourself laughing out loud so many times and you will feel a friendship with Dee and her friends during their adventures to meet the Fab 4.   And even though you know she is going to meet them, you find yourself rooting for Dee to meet the meet them for those of us who will never have that chance.

Dee holding her photograph of George Harrison

 Dee Elias is a Beatles fan.  She wasn't someone on the inside or someone who traveled with them.  She was one of those screaming girls who tried to rush the stage. She is like you and me and yet she accomplished something that most of us dream about. 

When I met Dee at Beatlefest last month, I first heard her talking about this book, and I said aloud, "I have to meet her.....we will be friends."    There was just something wonderful about Dee and her passion for the Beatles that made me want to get to know her.   I am so glad that did!   She is a sweet woman who is still trying to meet Ringo Starr.

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  1. I love it! Will spread the word about the book.

  2. It looks so great! Man, there's so many great Beatle books out this year, even more than normal, and this one looks adorable, and super cool! I love the cover!!

    Just got laid off today (yay!), so I can't buy it NOW, but it's going on my list. There's always Santa Claus!!! :D