Monday, September 15, 2014

Beatles Cleveland concert memories--- these fans won't forget!

These memories were found in the comments section of the Beatles Bible

My mom now deceased told me of a story that when she was a teenager living in Cleveland she went to the Beatles concert. At the concert, they heard rumors that a decoy was going out one exit, but they heard that the Beatles were actually going out another exit that they were fortunate enough to get to and see the Beatles get into a limo. Being the crazy fan that she was, she proceeded to rush the limo & climb on top & she said she actually rode atop of the limo that they were in as they drove away.  –Carrie

I was there. I remember Paul giving a “thumbs-down” as the police pushed the Beatles off the stage into the wings. -  Joe

I was 8 and my father took my sister and I. I remember Paul announcing ‘a song from our new album. Something new Something New, the Beatles” and they went into Things we Said Today….. –Barry

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  1. The only official still photographer to cover the Beatles 1964 visit to Cleveland from start to finish, George Shuba, the "Godfather of Rock-and-Roll photography," will show his photos and tell the stories behind them at a charity benefit on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield, Ohio, between Cleveland and Akron.
    Info and sign-up at this link:

  2. Fantastic photos of a legendary show!

    Sadly....or unless there's just something wrong with the page right now....that first link you posted (the Medina Gazette), has all the text of the story missing, it looks like it was redacted, taken down, all that remains is the photograph and the comments! Does anyone else have this problem? Was anyone else able to save this fan's account?

  3. I was under the stage at the 64 concert for the whole time!