Monday, September 1, 2014

Atlantic City concert memories

Copy of photo taken by The Press of Atlantic City. Historical photo archives

Please remember to click on the "Atlantic City" tag to read more stories and see more photos from this concert.   I also recommend reading Judith Kristen's fab book "A Date with a Beatle" to read a great story about a fan who met George during this time.

These fan memories were collected from various places online (youtube, beatlesbible, comments, etc)

All these years I thought the car (truck) I seen John Lennon in was an ambulance, they were parked and I went up and asked a man there did he have any aspirin I had a awful headache. I seen movement under some sheets and John popped his head out and gave me a big smile , I just looked at him and smiled back, Then the man closed the door and the truck took off, I went back to my friends who hogged the binoculars at the concert and told them what I saw. They were not amused that I did not call them over. –Lillian S.

I was there, 18 years old. My step dad had worked there and I knew how to get around. 3 friends and I got up to the balcony. Could not hear the music for all the screaming. Don’t recall 18000 people, seemed a lot smaller from my vantage point/memory.—Douglas B.

My two friends and I (age 14) purchased three tickets ($4.90) to the concert. We also sent away for press passes from Teen Magazine, and received two thin paper passes with PRESS typed on them. There was a raised press box to the left of the stage, and we decided to give the passes a try. Since there were only two passes and three of us, two of us presented the passes and were allowed to climb up the stairs to the press seats. Then one of us took both passes back down, gave one to the third friend and once again were allowed in. We sat IN FRONT OF Dick Clark, and sometime during the concert the police had to pull my friend down off the press table (gently, and just asked her to remain on the floor)as she was standing on it screaming. Dick Clark signed my white “genuine leatherette” purse, and some years later my mother threw it out not releasing how important it was to me! And yes, the Beatles stayed at a hotel that was about 6 blocks from the Convention Center. We walked over there and one friend used the press pass again to get up to the floor where Beatles were staying. UNFORTUNATELY, she was told by a guard that they were not accepting any more questions from the press at that time.  –Bonnie

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