Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Key to being a Beatles fan....

photo by Lil Kraai

One of the most popular way for Beatle fans to get the chance to meet the Fabs was to make a large "key of the city" to present to them.    Through the connections of a friend's father, one lucky group of fans that included Lila Kraai  did just that.    As Lila explains in Garry Berman's book We're going to see the Beatles!,  they made the large key and then painted it gold and tied a red ribbon on it.  Then they got the mayor of Los Gatos and the town council all to sign it.   Lila's friend was to present the key to Paul.   But her friend was in awe of the boys and didn't move!   Lila had to nudge her friend and say, "give them the key!!"  

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