Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On Ringo's lap

On Ringo's lap
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San Francisco Chronicle
August 19, 1964

In poetic justice of the oddest sort, the only little girl fortunate enough to sit on Ringo Starr's lap backstage last night was the daughter of Shirley Temple, now Mrs. Charles Black.

Lori Black, 8, proved to be a trouper in the great tradition established by her mother in aime when a beatle was considered a misspelled bug.

A ten-minute session with the child idols of this lunatic era, young Lori said that Ringo, of course, was fine, but her favorite Beatles was George--- George Harrison.

"Yes," said her mother, "but whose lap did you sit on?"

"Oh, Ringo's," was the reply.

Mrs. Black elaborated to the extent that she, Lori and the British singers had "just talked".

She didn't say it, but it was conveyed, nevertheless that "Yeah Yeah Yeah" is several sons away from "the Good Ship Lollipop."

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