Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Red Rock Beatle Memories

Finding photos of the Beatles at the Red Rocks concert was difficult, but finding photos of the fans at the concert was easy.   Here are some great photographs of Beatlemania at it's highest.   The color photo shows a girl in the middle of the crowd looking at the camera.  That is Connie Paris, who was a big Beatles fan and attended the concert at the Red Rocks with five of her friends from high school.  In March of 1968, Connie went missing after she was going to the Denver library to work on a school paper.    A few days later her body was found and it was apparent that she had been strangled to death.  Connie's murder has remained a mystery all of these years and so I want to dedicate this blog post to the memory of a Beatle fan who saw the Beatles in concert and her friends recall them all jumping up and down when the Beatles were on stage.    

Here are some memories I found scatted throughout the world wide web about this concert.

"I was there! With astonishing trust and understanding, my pretty cool parents bought my sister (13) and I (9) tickets, drove us to Red Rocks, waited for us in the parking lot, and probably heard the concert better than we did. They knew what the Beatles meant to us. Mom had even taken us to the airport to see them arrive. I can't imagine dropping a nine-year-old off for a concert today. I also can't imagine having to make a withdrawal from savings to buy a concert ticket ($6.50 a pop)." -- anonymous

"I was there! My mom bought tickets for me and my best friend, but her mother wouldn't let her go. I was 14, she was 13. So mom took me, and she loved the Beatles, thought John and Paul were geniuses!" -- anonymous

"I was 7....my mom took me.....biggest problem is that everyone stood nearly the whole concert......and all the teenie-bopper girls were screaming. Being 7 and nowhere near as tall as most of the crowd, I really didn't get to see or hear much.....but I was in heaven just being there. "–Stephanie

“The thing that sticks in my mind the most is the parking lot.” "Cars and buses were parked end to end. There were no traffic lanes, just a sea of vehicles parked as close together as they could possibly get. When it was over, exiting the parking lot took such a long time." –Holly H.

"I went with my best friend from Laramie and my mother drove us because she was afraid of all the traffic. We got there at 2:30 p.m. and the place was already about a third full," Diane L.

And here is part of a news story about a fan that was at the concert

Robert Boice was 6 years old at the show, brought along by his mom and sisters to celebrate the growing Beatlemania that had enveloped their home in Cheyenne. His family managed to get into the venue early by telling police they were tourists from Wyoming and knew nothing about the show.

"The license plate on our car and the way we were dressed really helped," Robert said. "We actually wound up in about the fifth row in the middle and were able to hear a lot of it. The best you could hear was the between-songs banter, which was mostly just one-liners from John, who was always so good at that stuff."

Robert's sister Jacklyn Boice listed some of the songs she remembered from the set in the journal she kept at the time: "Twist and Shout," "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Boys," which was done by Ringo. In all, she said the show was only about 35 minutes.

"The last song of the concert was 'She Loves You,'" she said. "Some girls began surging toward the railing, but the police held them back."


  1. I think all the b/w photos of the fans are from some other Beatles concert. As far as I know there are no chairs in the Red Rocks Amphitheater. I may be wrong though.

    1. Finding information and photos from Red Rocks was very difficult and things are labeled wrong all over the place, so it wouldn't shock me if these weren't from that concert.

    2. Here are a couple of nice ones:

    3. Thanks for that link!

      Hey, these pictures are spine-tingling regardless of where they are from (though, of course, I am happy for the correction!!! Good catch, friend!). These pics are awesome. With a capital "w"! As in, the exact definition of "awesome"!