Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Playing at Red Rock

photos taken by Nicholas DeScoise

The Beatles concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater has always been one that is clouded with mystery.   Not very many photos have been available of the performance and not a lot is stated in books or magazines about this particular show.   

No one will ever truly know how many fans attended this concert.   It was not a sold-out show, however this open-air amphitheater did not have ticket takers at all of the entrances and many fans snuck into the show without paying.    Today several fans have came forward and stated that they saw the Beatles in Colorado and did not pay for a ticket.    It truly is unknown how many were there for the concert.   Besides those inside, it has been said that the parking lot was jammed packed with people that were listening to the concert in their cars.   People were sitting on top of vehicles and they could hear the Beatles without all of the screaming that those on the inside were hearing.

One myth that Chuck Gunderson dispelled is that the Beatles were taking hits from oxygen tanks during this show.    Chuck has photos of this concert that show the wings and oxygen tanks were not seen sitting out.  Also those who were there backstage did not see oxygen tanks.  So the whole oxygen rumor can be put to rest and never published in another Beatles book.   

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