Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wingin' it in England

A while back, a fan named Jim posted a photo and a little story about how he met Paul in England in 1973.   I contacted him and asked if  I could share the story and photo on this blog and Jim was kind enough to say that he did not mind.   And then I got busy posting things about Australia and A Hard Day's night that I never got around to posting it.  So I am focusing now on solo years and I don't want you all to miss out on Jim's amazing story!

I went to England in 1973 for one thing to MEET THE BEATLES. I went to Apple Studio's where 3 Beatles Paul, Ringo and George John was in NYC. taking care of some big business.   I was outside of Apple on Savile Row with some Beatles Peatles and guess who comes walking up the street with a beautiful woman named Linda and Sir Paul McCartney holding her hand. GOOSE BUMPS. I could not believe it. I took a double take. Paul and Linda were right there and someone took a picture of three or four fans and me right there on the left. Years later two gentleman named David Bacon and Norman Maslove wrote a book called The Beatles' England. The pic of Paul and Linda with us fans was published and put in the book. If you have it turn to page 26. By the way this is a great book for Beatles Tourist;s that want to see and learn all about the Beatles Land Marks throughout England. Buy one if you haven't already. Oh what great Beatles memories. I am in back of Paul on the left.


  1. Great story (and pic), Jim!! Thanks for sharing this story with us! Man, you're lucky! I probably would have evaporated into a state of ecstasy right then and there! :D

  2. This picture was taken by my pen pal from Sweden. I have shared this picture with you before. I am on the far left in the picture. Jimi is inbetween Paul and me. My great friend Jimmy Lyford was on Linda side on the right in the picture. This is NOT at Saville Row. This is the NEW APPLE offices on 54 St. James Street, London. Jimmy Lyford was also a great friend of Margo of Apple Scruffs fame. She invited Jimmy Lyford to join the Scruffs but the disbanded 3 months later. I remaind close to Jimmy until his death. Anyway Jimi Warren and I flew to London together for a vacation not business. This was an excitable time as the Beatles were still accessable. Not like today, We saw Paul and Linda here a couple of times together, Ringo and George too, One day we sall all three arrive minutes apart. This was Ringo's b'day week. I don't remeber it being on the exact day. One day Ringo showed up with Marc Bolan (T-REX) and they were very chatty to me. That was so memoriable to me. We didn't know Apple had moved. We went to Saville Row but the business street level was clossed with renivation and outside scaffelling. I knew the studio was down stairs so we went in there and inquired. The drew up a map to where APPLE ST. James Street was, Nice chaps they were. Let us peek in at a band ( Brinsley Swartz (SP)) though a window who were recording. We just missed Pete Ham leave. Those were the days my friend. On a visit to The Wings Fun Club office (12-13 Greek Street) I made goog friends with the staff. I did volunteer work with them from my home in Massacusetts. Sent out stuff for the club to American Fans. I had 5 fully band autographed "Venus and Mars" Lps sent to me to send to the contest winners in the USA.. It was an amazing side line of work and I did it for Love. I remainded in touch pretty much until Linda passed and the Club close. It was Linda's baby! She ran it.

  3. I have a couple questions I'm hoping that you could help out with about the apple scruffs