Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Whatever gets you through the night

As I have said many, many times the "Lost Weekend" period of John's life is one of my favorites!   There is a new group on facebook about John's Lost Weekend that is having some great discussions and photos.   If you are a facebook person and a fan of the Lost Weekend I encourage you to join us!

The admin. has done something really great!  He has put all of the video footage that is available from when John was filming walking around New York city on November 15, 1974 into one film so that we can see all of it.   I love how John interacts with the fans this day.   It is really a some fun footage.


  1. I feel deeply honoured to have been mentioned in your page today. Thanks for your kindness and the effort that you put in MTBFR and for sharing it with all of us.

  2. With a two-man BBC film crew in tow (dispatched from the corporation's offices in the city), John ventures out in New York to shoot a 16mm colour promotional film for the song 'Whatever Gets You Through The Night'. For this wonderful piece of cinema verite, John wanders aimlessly round the city and sets about capturing on film whatever comes his way. Dressed all in black with a large floppy hat, long coat, flared trousers and platform shoes, John supervises the filming of street beggars, truck drivers, a father carrying his small child on his back and even the city's 25-cent adult peep shows at 42nd Street. John is also seen signing autographs, imitating a street puppeteer, playing a large church-style organ and, at a hot-dog stand in Central Park, performing an impromptu magic trick involving tin cans and paper bags to a small bemused looking crowd of onlookers.

  3. In a way, I wish that John didn't coin that phrase ' Lost weekend', as it was anything but lost or a weekend...He was the most productive musically in that time with May Pang...He didn't appear to be all that lost...I think he was more 'found'...too bad he was summoned back to the dark fortress Dakota...maybe he'd still be with us.