Monday, July 14, 2014

Paul stops for ice cream

Once again here is the proof that you never know when you might spot one of the Beatles out and about.  Just last night, Paul McCartney was seen at an ice cream shop in Omaha, Nebraska.   He had already had diner at an Italian place and then went to the ice cream shop for some vanilla ice cream for desert.    And he just stood there in line like anyone else and sat on a bench outside and enjoyed the treat with Nancy and Waren Buffet (of all people).    I can't make this stuff up!   There is an article about it here. 

Paul appears to be asking for directions

Yeah---we know who it is.

I love this kid and his "sneaky" photo with Paul.   Paul knows what he is doing.

Gas is a lot cheaper in Omaha than it is here in Illinois!

Just waiting in line to buy ice cream.

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