Sunday, June 15, 2014

Five Beatles on a balcony

10 minutes after the other Beatles and Jimmie arrived at the hotel in Melbourne and met up with Ringo, they appeared on the balcony to wave to the fans.   They moved quickly because the fans were getting dangerously hurt outside of the hotel.   Over 150 fans had been taken to receive medical treatment.  Well over 20,000 fans were pushing and shoving themselves to the glass window in the front of the hotel.   Quoting from The Beatles Downunder by Glenn Baker

All five Beatles were rushed out into the first floor balcony in order to ease the crush on the front doors.  All appeared to be cold, with Ringo approaching a shade of blue in the icy winds.  The deep resonance roar obliterated any words that the objects of duration preferred, so John held one finger to his upper lip and threw a series of Nazi salutes, shouting "Sieg Heil."  Below, the surge increased instead of abated.  One policeman later explained, "they pushed forward 20 feet so we mustered all our strength and moved them back 15 feet then it started all over again."   Before the repeated five foot losses of ground could bring the fans to the glass walls, the Beatles retired from the balcony and the satisfied mass quickly dispersed, leaving a loyal core of a few hundred.  When fainted girls awoke to find that they had missed the appearance, they became hysterical, some rolling about on the floor weeping and screaming, "I hate the Beatles."

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