Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back at the hotel in Auckland....

Deidre Gribble (Aukland Regional Queen) gives Ringo a greenstone Maori tiki

Here is what Sally (age 16)  wrote in her diary about her meeting with Ringo and John:

I met Ringo and John!  Ringo shook hands with me and winked at me!  Just me!  Robyn and I took our lunch hour later and went to the hotel to see them returning from the civic reception.  When we got there, we had missed them, and the police wouldn't let us cross the road, but in the end we did.  Robyn was feeling vile, so we went up to the receptionists' room.  Jeannette took us along to see George who was evidently lying on his bed reading, but we looked into the wrong room and the security guard came and made us go.  Then we got talking to the compere of the show and one awfully nice person who we asked if he could get us a Coke and told him we were feeling vile.  He said he bet he knew what would make us feel better, and we said yes, and he said 'would two minutes satisfy us?' We said half a minute would satisfy us!  He said "Come with me."  He said George and Paul were asleep but the other two were there.  We went into the suite and there was Ringo!  Lying curled up on a pillow and he sat up looking tired and depressed.  He first shook Robyn's hand and then he shook mine!  honestly, I thought I was going to cry.  There were tears in my eyes!  When I shook hands I could feel his rings in the way.  He said "hello" and Robyn went across to John.  Ringo said hew as feeling very tired and I, in a fit of bravery said, 'You look it.'  Robyn asked John to take off his sunglasses, but he wouldn't.  She said she wanted to see his eyes and he said they were closed anyway.   We were told we had to leave the hotel; we didn't.  We went down to the Bristro where we met on of the Sounds Inc. who invited us to a party later that night.

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  1. Aw, I love that first picture!!

    Ha! Invited to a party by Sounds Incorporated!! Look out for yourselves, girls!!!