Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Auckland concert memories

If you recall, John Lennon refused to perform in Auckland if there was not proper security.   The police of the town claimed that they would not receive it because they were not royalty.   And so the Beatles almost didn't perform in Auckland.   Derek Taylor was all set to call off the show, but the Beatles had a change of heart because they did not want to disappoint their fans.

While there weren't any police to escort the Beatles to the Town Hall, there were plenty of police inside of the venue.  They would only allow the concert-goers to enter the concert hall two at a time, which caused the some of the fans to miss some of the show (the exact same thing happened when I saw Paul McCartney in concert in 2002---there was no much security after 9/11 that they were only allowing us in two at a time---and some fans missed the beginning of the show because of it. Luckily I got there way early).

Once they got inside, the Auckland fans had a great time.  It was reported, "When John said, 'We're gonna sing an oldie called 'She Loves You,' the crowd went wild and they could have been singing anything at all and the crowd would have been none the wiser."

There was a bit of rowdy behavior from the fans, but nothing too wild.  Derek Taylor said, "The Wellington audiences had been more staid than those in Auckland, the Beatles were very pleased with last nights show."

Looks like someone got up on stage!

Some concert memories

As a twenty year old I was very fortunate to go to TWO Beatle concerts at the Auckland Town Hall!
On the 6.00 pm session of the first night I drove three girls from work, at Papakura, in my treasured A35 and with my cousin sat in great seats in the stalls. The noise was deafening yet wonderful!  At some stage I remember (much to my female cousin's disgust) finding myself on the floor. I soon got up tho'.
The next night I, and a female friend, attended the 8.30 pm session and that again was a wild night. 
I distinctly remember my friend, who was a devout George Harrison fan, just sitting there with her mouth wide open but no sound was coming out. I was getting a bit concerned but realised that she was just so enraptured seeing George it was all she could do!!!
After the performance I recall going to the Royal International on Victoria Street West and standing in the street chanting "the Beatles". However I don't think they did appear. 
Well there are my memories - I still have the Ticket Stubs, the Program and my still immaculate Beatle Boots to prove the "point"!- Garry F B, Auckland CBD 

As a then 20 year old, I went to see them at the Auckland Town Hall with two flatmates. 
One flatmate was madly in love with Paul McCartney, so much so that her boyfriend bore an uncanny resemblance to said Paul. 
They had front row circle tickets and didn't hear any music through the screaming, to which she contributed mightily. 
The other flatmate and I had our tickets in the choir stalls behind the stage, consequently, could hear the music quite well, and I remember that Ringo kept turning around and waving to us.  I also remember leaving the Town Hall with my ears ringing from all the screaming, which was probably the start of the tinnitus from which I now suffer!  Wonderful memories as I have always loved their music. -- Jenny H.

I went to the concert with a boy I wanted to impress, so I didn't wear my glasses and The Beatles were just a blur in the distance.  We were all screaming.  Screaming was a way of loving them.  They gave us so much and we just had to give it all back to them.-- Susan

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