Thursday, May 1, 2014

What goes on? MTBFR update May 2014

the Beatles hanging out at MTBFR headquarters (alright it was taken at the London fan club)
What goes on?
MTBRF update for May 2014

As one very smart man once said, "it's been a cold and lonely winter."   It sure has been cold and snowy here in the United States this winter.   It is wonderful that we are starting to finally thaw and get back to nice weather and activities.

I hope that those of you in the southern hemisphere have been enjoying the Paul McCartney concerts that have been happening in your area and as he continues to tour around the world that many of you can enjoy the show.   I also hope that the stress of getting Paul tickets hasn't left too many of you without any hair due to pulling it out.   How stressful is getting Paul tickets?   My goodness!    I am going to see Paul in Louisville, Kentucky in June.   My friend from college, who is a Beatles fan, has "see Paul McCartney in concert" on her bucket list.    She lives near Louisville. so I am going to drive down there and see the show with her.  We aren't on the floor but in section 111 in the center.    While I am excited to see Paul, I think I am more excited about seeing my friend see Paul.    Then on July 3 (just one week later) my mom and I are driving down to Tunica, Mississippi to see Ringo in concert with the VIP seats!    So yeah...I am seeing both living Beatles in the same week.    If you are going to be at either of those shows, please let me know.   If you are going to any of Paul or Ringo's shows this summer, and something exciting happens while you are there, please let us know!   Drop me an email so I can share any stories or photos from the shows with everyone else.

Don't forget that you can still enter the contest for a FREE Good ol Freda DVD signed by Freda Kelly!   Right now there are 21 raffle ticket numbers that have been given away.   Anyone can enter this contest, even if you do not have anything to say but, "I want a ticket."  All entries must be entered by May 14, 2014.

I recently bought 171 Paul McCartney fan taken photos from the 1960's and 1970's and I will soon  be getting more.   Needless to say, I have been extremely busy scanning and cleaning up the photos. I have posted a few of the photos and I hope you have enjoyed them.

Some of you might know that I love to act in community theater.   Well this summer I will be playing the part of the office gossip (really I am just in the chorus) of my local community's production of 9 to 5.    The play will be performed at the end of July/beginning of August.    So as I get into late night rehearsal, dress rehearsals and performances, I might not be updating the blog as often as I typically do.   Just be patient with me and I promise, I am not going anywhere.

This might be a good time to remind you all that you can join MTBFR on facebook and tumblr.   Also if you have any photos or stories about the Beatles and their fans that you would like to share, please just let me know!

Peace and Love
Sara S.

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