Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Contest for Good Ol' Freda DVD

Hello Beatle fans around the world!   It is time for another contest from MTBFR.   This time I have a great item that I am raffling off and it is an item that I just love.   When I was at Beatlefest this past February in New York City, I bought this special item especially to give away as a prize for all of you.   I have one copy of the DVD of the documentary  "Good Ol Freda" which is a touching story of the Beatles fan club secretary, Freda Kelly.   And to top it off, the DVD is autographed by Freda Kelly herself!   So yes, this time I am giving away an autgraphed copy of the DVD, Good Ol Freda. 

How do you enter this raffle you may ask?  Well...since this film is the story of the Beatles fan club, I am looking for anything that pertains to the Beatles fan club.    Tell me if you have ever been in a Beatles fan club?   What did you do?  What items did you receive?   And if you have scans of anything fan club related to share with me, you will get 2 raffle tickets for the DVD.  Alright!    What if I have never been in a Beatles fan club, you might ask.   Well....MTBFR is a like a Beatles fan club, isn't it?  So tell me a Beatles forum, chat or site that you contribute in some way to.  

I have only been a member of one Beatles fan club.   From 1994-early 2000's, I was a member of the St. Louis Beatles fan club.   I attended a fan club picnic and I won the Beatles trivia contest.  I also attended a few tribute band concerts around St. Louis with the club.   I received a newsletter about four times a year.   It was neat being in a Beatles fan club!

Here are the official rules for this raffle:

1.  Email your answer about Beatles fan clubs to me, Sara, at Starshyne9@yahoo.com .   I will email you back with a raffle ticket number.   Keep that number!   I will not be keeping track of who has what raffle number.

2.  All entries must be received by May 14, 2014 by 5:00pm (central time).  I will announce the winning number that evening on Meet the Beatles for real blog (not on facebook or tumblr).   If you have the winning number you have 3 days to email me with your mailing address.  If I do not hear from the winner in 3 days, a new number will be chosen.   I will be using an online random number generator to choice the winning number.

3.  This raffle is open to anyone and everyone.   It does not matter what country you are from or if you are a regular visitor to this blog.

4.  Only one entry per person please.  

Best of luck to everyone!

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