Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm feeling down

The top photo has been posted here before, and I never understood why George was bent down and signing an autograph while wearing a tuxedo.    Not that the "new" 2nd photo helps out a whole lot, but it does a bit.  Does the fan appear to have a crutch?   Maybe George is signing her cast from a broken leg?  Either that or he is signing a poster?    Either way, George was a good sport to bend down like that while all dressed up for his movie premiere to sign something for some fans.  You don't see Paul back there doing such a thing.  Haha!


  1. i have the second one as calendar picture *lol*

  2. Thanks for sharing these two wonderful, high-quality photos! Possibly, the following story, from the "Help!" premiere reported in The Beatles Book monthly, goes along with the images?

    "Pandemonium reigned in the Dress Circle of the cinema, as people lucky enough to be there waited for the Royal party and the Beatles. I noticed a girl withher leg in plaster, who had hurt her leg in a car crash. ‘I hope George will autograph it,’ she whispered. When George entered the room where the Beatles would meet the Royal party, she asked him to sign. George’s normally grinning face contorted in an expression of sympathy: ‘Yeah, on the way out, I will, wait a sec, could you?’ George left behind him one very happy, albeit beplastered, Beatle fan.. The girl with the leg plaster asked me to go in with her. Gathering together almost all my (non-existent) pluck, I took a deep breath, and in we went. We had been right (for once!). The Beatles were posing for the cameras and George had recognised us. He pointed us out to Ringo. Ringo stared at the plaster, and his highly expressive features puckered in a grimace of sympathy. To cut a long story short, all four Beatles signed the girl’s leg in the end (boy, was I envious!), as she posed for the papers with them." - Elizabeth Sachs, The Beatles Book