Thursday, April 24, 2014

Clean cut Beatle fan

Obviously not all Beatle boys went for the mop top hair style, although I bet before 1964, this young man had a different hairstyle than he does here a little over a year later.      I love how he is showing off his Beatle albums! 


  1. My pop actually didn't have a Beatle haircut ever, but he loved the Beatles, went and saw them at Forest Hills, had all their albums, and played in tons of bands, covering their songs!

    I love this picture! I would guess that this is an American fan....but one of the albums is a (German?) version of "Beatles For Sale"! Hmmmm!

  2. There weren't many kids with Beatle haircuts then. Almost no one had one. If you were one of a small number who did have one, you would have been kicked out of school. I knew exactly one boy who had one in 1967 and he was kicked out of school and wasn't allowed back until he got it cut short.