Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Totally Torquay

Are there some Beatles up there???

I found these great photos from when the Beatles were at the Imperial hotel in Torquay at this tumblr blog.  

The photo of the older woman meeting George is adorable! 


  1. These pics were taken on the October-November 1964 UK tour. It's probably a place where they staying when they were down on the South Coast.

  2. Yes, it's impossible taht's those photos are from 1963 !!!

    ( John's clothes, and Beatles's hair...) So i suppose, in looking the Beatles Bible, where's the'have played in Torquai and it's from 28/10/1964...

    So, in Google i've found this article in this page...maybe it's the source for this mistake...the 50th Birthay of the venue of The BEatles, but with a wrong photos !!!

  3. Yup...these are from The Beatles 1964 Fall tour of the UK...

  4. I was a 16 year old commis waiter/chef at the Imperial hotel torquay in 1964 and served their evening meals, in one of their rooms.