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Meeting Paul 1981

Here is a story of someone meeting Paul in 1981 in New York City (lately I have posted a lot of London stories, so it is nice to mix it up a bit).  This one was written by Diane Carroll and was published in the July 1984 issue of With a Little Help from my friends.

Diane and Paul-- November 9, 1981

Photo taken by Diane Carroll

Photo taken by Diane Carroll

Meeting Paul
By Diane Carroll

I had heard Paul was in town on November 8, 1981 and couldn’t go.  I was so depressed I’d just reconciled myself to fact that I’d never really meet a Beatle.

The next day I didn’t go to work and met my friends by the Eastmans’ apartment.  We waited, and a small crowd began to develop.  Finally, at 12:00, I turned, looked at the entrance, and there he was!
I went over and touched his arm, looked into his face, and said, “You look fantastic!”  He thanked me.  We all had things signed.  I had several items (a “band on the run” pink vinyl LP and a Wings book), and then I had him sign some index cards for some pen pal friends.  He obliged, complete with faces by the autographs as well.  I told him that I really appreciated all the pleasure he’s given me over the years and he said, “That long?”  He kept making grunts, groans, faces and funny noises, and saying, “OK, that’s it,” and then he’d keep signing things.  Someone even gave him a copy of his birth certificate and he signed that too!

I stood next to him the whole time.  He kept looking at me and staring, and I just stared back.  Eventually I went over to Linda and asked her if she’d seen “Time Bandits” yet.  I told her I’d just seen it and it was great, and that it would be a real good movie for her and Paul to take the kids to.  She and Paul looked at me then, and said they were thinking of doing that soon.   I said they’d really enjoy it.  And so it went for about a half hour.  Then they walked u to Park Avenue and were off.  Paul asked us not to follow.  I was just glowing all over.  I was surprised how coherent I’d been!
We went for lunch and came back around 4 or 4:30.  Paul and Linda emerged from a cab around 5:30.  This is when I met Woodie for the first time.  When he got out of the cab, I asked how his day was (not knowing until later he’d just come from seeing Yoko).  He seemed pleased to see us all and Linda recognized Woodie right away, and while Linda still held his arm, gave Woodie a kiss.  It was like old friends meeting after a long absence.

They talked for a bit.  I got some more photos.  Paul signed more things for people and then he went inside.  At 6:15, he came back out.  He changed his clothes because it had gotten chilly.  This time the kids were with him.  Linda got into a cab while Paul stopped again to sign more stuff and pose for more photos until finally he left.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day – a real #9 day.
I also say John and Yoko in early June of 1971 in front of the ABC building in Manhattan at 8:30 in the morning.  I was on the way to work and had heard he’d be doing an interview there, so I stopped by ABC to wait.  He saw me first!  I stood up but didn’t walk over to him because it was a few feet away and he seemed to be in a hurry, and with the city so crowded with people going to work, it would have looked obvious and caused too much attention.  That was it, but I’ll remember it forever, more than anything.

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