Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sullivan take 2

At the Fest this past weekend I just happened to sit near a woman who saw the Beatles live on the Ed Sullivan Show in Miami in 1964.    She said that she was staying at the Deauville Hotel during a vacation with her parents and she was 15 years old.  They had no idea that the Beatles were going to be there.    She said that since the audience of the Sullivan Show were just hotel guests, that many of them were older.   So that made it much easier for her to watch the Beatles rehearsal and get their autographs.  She took photos of the rehearsals that she showed me (they were amazing!).    She said that as much as she loved the Beatles being there, it was sort of nice when they left because they could enjoy the hotel.   When the Beatles were there places like the pool were off limits to the other guests.   

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