Sunday, February 16, 2014

Remembering Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Painting from the Beatles hotel room signed for Buddy

This is the 2nd magazine story Buddy gave in 1984 for the 20th Anniversary of the Beatles in America.  This one was with Life Magazine for their February 1984 issue.   Buddy was an important influence on the Beatles.   They spoke about him in numerous interviews over the years and the line in "She Came in through the bathroom window" that says, "So I quit the police department, got myself a steady job" could have been about Buddy (especially when you listen to the tapes and hear John yell out the name of Buddy when Paul sings those lines.)  Thanks Buddy for keeping our Beatles safe in Miami 50 years ago.  You can join Buddy and the Beatles on facebook!

He is retired now from the Miami Police force and owns a construction business, but in 1964, Sgt. Buddy Dresner was put in charge of the Beatles' security during their stay in Florida.    Dresner introduced them to grilled cheese sandwiches, gefilte fish, water-skiing and such early television standbys as Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason and The Outer Limits.  Under Dresner's watchful eye, the four quickly warmed to all things American, especially those in short supply back home, like long sandy beaches and hot sun.  "They went in that ocean and just acted like kids," he recalls.  When he took them on their first fishing trip, Dresner found them a bit queasy at the idea of putting bait on their hooks and taking the live catch off.  It was a successful expedition, and for several hours Dresner hooked bait and unhooked fish in response to cries of "Boody, Boody!"  After a couple of days of bunking with the group in their hotel, Dresner took them home for a roast beef dinner.  He remembers that Ringo, who was sitting next to his six year old son, Barry, cut up the boy's baked potato for him.  Everywhere they went during their first American tour, the Beatles left behind warm memories of their gentleness, courtesy and "a sense of devilish fun,"  Dresner recalls.  When the policeman forgot to send his wife a Valentine gift and told the Beatles he was in trouble, they called Dorthy Dresner and then sent her a spectacular bouquet ("as big as me," says Buddy's daughter Andrea, then eight).  Andrea's favorite memento of the visit is a tape of an interview the Beatles gave after they left Miami.  "We'd all love to see Buddy again," they chorused, "because he's the greatest guy in the world."

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