Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eight Days a Week

Here is the first of two stories from 1984 told by Buddy Dresner about his time with the Beatles in Miami in 1964.  This one came from the Feb 16, 1984  (issue 415) of Rolling Stone.   Buddy retired as a lieutenant of the Miami Police in 1980 and worked in construction.    After Buddy's death some of his Beatles memorabilia was auction off and bought by the Hard Rock Cafe and can be found at various restaurants around the world. 

I was working nights.  Someone was pounding on my door at 11.  A North Miami Beach policeman said, "Get down to the station."  There they handed me an envelope.  The note said, "You will go to the Deauville Hotel and take charge of the Beatles' security."

I went up to their room, and we became friends.  I told them we would have a good time, and if they paid attention, there wouldn't by any trouble.  I told them it would be my responsibility if something happened to them.  

We used to watch T.V.  We were watching a show called The Outer Limits and I said, "If I had one of those guns, I could zap all the criminals."

Paul said, "What did you say?"

"Zap?" I said.  They never heard that word before.  I heard they put that word in one of their songs.

I also taught 'em how to fish. They wouldn't put the bait on the wouldn't take the fish off the hook, but they liked fishing.  There was a private home on Star Island owned by a policeman's wife and we hung out there.

I took 'em to the first drive-movie they went to.  Gave them their first grilled cheese sandwich.  I had 'em over here for supper.  They drank Scotch with warm Coke.  Paul would eat dessert before the main meal.  I said, "You can't do that in America.  You gotta eat the salad first then hit the steak and potatoes."

The fans tried everything in the world to get into the hotel.  I had to set up booby traps.  Exit doors would open into the hallways.  I put chairs behind the doors.  Once, forty kids charged.  I was standing outside the door, all by myself.  I said, "Hold it there.  You're all under arrest.  Just stop right there.  Wait for the car.  They turned and ran.  I was more scared than they were!"

The Beatles had good times.  We went to the Deauville nightclub.  At night I did bed checks.  Would you believe?  I had about 23 or 24 policemen working for me.  I said, "Whoever lets 'em out, I have to answer to the chief." 

I would leave for home at 2:30 or 3:00 a.m. then set my alarm for 6.  It wore me out after a couple days, so I said, "Hey George, you got a roommate?"  He said, "I was wondering why you didn't stay."   I moved in.

Once I told them, "You guys better save your money.  I don't think you're gonna make it."  They would needle me saying, "Why don't you go out and get a real job?"  I said, "I'll get you jobs as taxi drivers."

There were no women in the rooms, no drugs--no way, shape or form.  Only Scotch and Coke.  That's a fact.  These were the straightest, cleanest kids.  I swear on it.  It was like taking care of a younger brother.

After they went back, they send me some snapshots.  Then I was supposed to go see 'em in Jacksonville when they came back later, but I had to work.

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  1. Interesting, this. So, the word is used by Paul in A Hard Day's Night and John in The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill. And there it is in Zapple.

    Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt ... ZAP!

    So Captain Marvel zapped him right between the eyes. Zap!

    Conclusion: the Beatles are amazing.