Tuesday, February 25, 2014



  1. This was at the Warner Brother's office in Rio de Janeiro, February 7, 1979. The young lady about to kiss him is my beloved friend Regina, who is still a die-hard George fan to this day. I know a few of the other people in the photo as well. Because I am probably crazy, I didn't go see him: I didn't want to bother him, after all those years hanging around in London... Silly girl!

    1. Wow, leave it to Lizzie to clear up all mystery!!!! Amazing!! I was sitting there trying to figure out what this was....and then noticed there was a comment for it.....I'm so happy I clicked on!

      So funny that you didn't go!!! I can understand, but I would think he might have been blown away, or at least happy to see you...after all those years hanging around in London! Did you ever see him (or any of the others) during one of his trips to Brazil? How long had it been since you had last seen him? (don't feel obligated to answer, I know you're working on your own book!)

  2. Hi Anonymous. This George in Rio thing has been bothering me for a long time; I was REALLY stupid not to go see him. I was an assistant to a very famous Brazilian musician at the time, and he said he could call Warner Bros., speak to them and have them take me to see George. I wasn't going to stand outside like my friends. I don't know what got into me... It would have been lovely to see him. I still remember that day so well, and how I said to my boss I didn't want to go. George only came to Brazil that one time. I did see him briefly at a party backstage after his Albert Hall gig in London. I shook his hand and thanked him for the music. The last time I saw him in London was October 69. I saw and spoke briefly to Ringo at one of the Grammy ceremonies in the US where I was with my boss, another very famous Brazilian musician who had been nominated. He was standing right in front of us, so I had to just say hi. I saw and spoke to Paul in Indianapolis on February 14, 1990 (exactly 23 years since I first saw him) at a small press conference backstage at his concert to announce his first trip to Brazil. He shook my hand and asked "why do I remember you?" and we had a short but pleasant conversation. I have tried to see him several times on his trips here but I have given up, since it's virtually impossible. Unfortunately, I never saw my beloved John again. Once more, I was a very silly girl: I was vacationing in New York City with my then 8-year-old daughter. A dear friend found out John was recording - it was the Summer of 80. I don't think it had been advertised yet. He was a DJ, and his friend told him. He asked me if I wanted to go see him outside the studios and I said no... I didn't want to bother him. How I regret it now! I did leave some presents, photos and a letter at the Dakota.