Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reading the signs

I love that the Beatles turned around and waved to the fans who were waiting to see them.   They also had the opportunity to read all of the wonderful banners and signs that were made to communicate with them. 


  1. Don't think it's the lads Sara. Looks like four people or waxwork dummies have been place in front of a backdrop with an airport scene on it. Nick_L

    1. I can see why you might think that, but I think it really is the Beatles. I scanned this photo out of a book and I have seen photos of the Beatles wearing those clothes at an airport.

  2. 100% real. This is a Daily Mirror picture.

  3. Oh okay. No prob. The shadow that was cast threw me because they seem to be standing quite a distance from the actual airport yet their shadows are case on it and approx the same distance as their shadow closest to them.