Thursday, December 5, 2013

One last call

This is my last reminder about the contest to win the book "Beatles vs. Stones."   The deadline to enter is Monday December 9 at 8pm central time.So far there are 28 contestants entered.   That is the most I have had for a contest, but it still isn't a whole lot.   So your chances of winning are pretty good!

 I wanted to let you know that anyone from any country in the world is welcome to enter the contest.I will pay for the shipping to whoever wins out of my pocket, but just know that if you live father away from the United States the mail might take a bit longer with the holidays.

Email me the answer to the question:  What song did John Lennon produce for Mick Jagger in 1973/74?


  1. dear sara, i think it's lovely that you have contests here! the reason i don't enter is because i have too much stuff already. i prefer to let other people have a chance of winning. congratulations on a wonderful job - you and your blog are famous now, girl! love to all from a very hot and sunny rio de janeiro.

  2. Me too Sara. I already own the book Beatles vs. Stones, or I would have entered the contest. Maybe a lot of people here bought the book before you announced this contest.

  3. 28 contestants, that's a good number of contestants!!!

    That picture is fantastic! Macca and Mick! McJagger! I've never seen that one!!! Do you know when or where that's from?

  4. I am now up to 30 contestants! I am impressed. I am not complaining at all. I just wanted to put how many contestants I had in case someone was thinking, "oh I bet 1000 people have entered. I don't have a chance at all."

  5. It was taken at the Marquee Studios, October 1965, while the Beatles were attempting to record their third Xmas record. Photographer was Robert Whitaker.