Thursday, December 19, 2013

Appreciate video

When a fellow Beatle fan has a "Beatles victory" I enjoy celebrating it.   That is in part what this blog is for:  celebrating our Beatles encounters.    One of the people who has been a long-time active participant in this blog, Shari, created a video for the song "Appreciate" found on the Paul McCartney "New" album.     It is a great video!     But the exciting part of this is that it was spotted by MPL and was featured on the Paul McCartney twitter account (and elsewhere)!!!    That means that it is quite possible that Paul himself watched Shari's video and if Paul didn't watch it, then at least the people at MPL watched it and loved it!     As a fan, this is pretty exciting stuff!       You can read more about Shari's video here .   I also send her a few questions and here are her answers.

Sara:   How did you get into the Beatles? 
Shari:  I've been a Beatles fan since I was 8, when I discovered reruns of the Saturday morning cartoon. I wasn't allowed to listen to rock music, so stumbling upon that cartoon opened so many worlds to me, and I was forever hooked. I credit that cartoon with a lifelong association of music with images, and I was obsessed with music videos in the 80s. I suppose it was inevitable I'd eventually want to make one of my own.

Sara:  Have you ever made a video using Beatles (or solo) music before?
Shari:   This was my first music video ever, though I made a humorous video last year with two friends of mine called "Sh*t Duran Duran Fans Say," which is also on my channel at YouTube. 

Sara:  What other Beatles songs do you think would make good music videos?
Shari:    My favorite Beatle song is "Norwegian Wood," and that would have made for an interesting video. Hmmm... as far as "NEW" is concerned, I'd love to see videos for my other favorite songs: "Alligator," "On My Way to Work" "Road" and "Struggle" (Japanese track).

Sara:  Did anyone that you asked to be in your video hear the Paul song, Appreciate?
Shari:    Only one. A fellow photography major asked me if the song was from Paul's latest album, and that floored me. Most of the time, my assistant and I kept it simple and told them it was for a video about the things people appreciated in life, and that was enough to get most people we approached to agree to it.

Sara:  When I was watching the video, I thought it was interesting that many of the signs were written in languages other than English.   Were you surprised by that?
Shari:   Not at all, since it was shot on a campus with an international student body. I was happy they wanted to and I encouraged it.

Sara:  Do you think Paul himself watched your video?
Shari:   I was told that the praise came from the top. My first reaction was shock, which gave way to pure giddiness. I'm honored to say the least, and I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see his reaction!

Sara:  What response have you gotten from other fans on your video?
Shari:   It's been overwhelmingly positive, and I'm so touched its struck a chord with them. Some people were hearing "Appreciate" for the first time, and its gained some more fans. I really hope Paul considers releasing it as a single!

Well I really "Appreciate"  Shari taking the time to answer my questions!   I am sure that I speak for everyone who reads MTBFR in congratulating you on a great video and receiving the recognition from MPL!   



  1. Shari! Congratulations, and I just love hearing Beatle fans tell their story about how they got into them, and what their favorite songs are......every Beatle fan has a story! And yours is great....especially when something you worked on got back to the "source"!

    (Thanks for the interview, Sara!)

  2. Thank you, Anonymous! And thank you so much for the article, Sara!

    - Shari