Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nothing is Beatle-proof!

I just love the Beatles look from the premiere of the Yellow Submarine.   Still trying to figure out who Paul's date to the film was (a blond girl who had her hair up).  


  1. LOL ~ It looks to me like John and Yoko were his dates! He arrived with them, sat next to them, and is in a bunch of photos with them that night. Do you have any pix of Paul with the blonde with her hair up? I checked your "Yellow Submarine" tag and didn't see one...


    You can see her in the third photo. She has little flowers in her hair. There are other photo of this girl and Paul leaving together. Maybe they didn't come together as a date, but the did end up leaving together.

  3. When seated in the theatre balcony Jenny Boyd was sitting next to Paul with John on his other side. The unknown woman you described in the 3rd photo with George, Pattie, Neil and Suzy was sitting next to Ron Kass in the row behind the Beatles couples. Have only seen one tiny photo of Paul at the after-party at the Revolution Club and there's no sign of Jenny or the woman with flowers in her hair!