Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's New?

There isn't anything as exciting as the day of a Beatles member album release.   Everyone on facebook has been all exiting all day about the Paul McCartney album, "New."    I was anxious to hear the whole thing.   So I rushed out to my local record and game shop in my town right after work to find that they were not carrying the new album by Paul.    It is easy to get worked up in your own little Beatle world that you easily forget that the rest of the world doesn't necessarily care about things such as new Paul McCartney songs.

So I went across the street to the local Target store and bought the Deluxe version with the DVD.   I have only listened to the album all the way through one full time.   But so far I like it.   Do I LOVE it?  No.   Do I think it is better than Driving Rain or Chaos and Creation?   Oh yeah!    I like it even better than Memory Almost Full.   It seems like the songs on "New" are either ones that I am crazy about or I just don't like.    I need to give it many more listens before I have a final decision.   But there are several songs that have already stood out as good ones.  

Needless to say, I wasn't able to get that really awesome light up cube that everyone is getting and talking about.   If someone somehow was able to get an extra one and wouldn't mind selling it to me at cost plus shipping, I would be forever in your debt.   I would LOVE to have a "New" cube to go with my Beatles Anthology cubes.   But I think I am out of luck on that one.


  1. I love it! can't decide yet which song(s) is my favorite. But I love it!!!

  2. Yes, fantastic new album!

  3. I can't believe Paul played for free in Times Square!!! I could have gone!!! Dang nabbit!!! Faldy drat!!!