Thursday, October 17, 2013

One sweet dream came true

Maybe someone with better eyesight can read what this story is about for me.   We can see that someone named Lynda met the Beatles and it was a dream come true.   And there is an extremely posed photo of Paul signing an autograph for her.    Anyone ever read this article or can even make out what newspaper it came from?



    1. It was 24th November 1963 in Hull.I am Lynda and it is my story.The link above to All-You-Need-is-Hull-Larkin-The Beatles-And-Me will tell my story in it's entirety.I will be at The St Stephens shopping centre in Hull on the 23/24 November where a Beatles celebration event is being held to celebrate 50 years since the Beatles concert and my story of meeting them for All-You-Need-is-Hull-Larkin-The-Beatles-And-Me.There will be a tribute band from Liverpool,the statue of Eleanor Rigby,made from £1million shredded bank notes provided by The Bank of England. give-aways and lots more to see.. St Stephens is built on the site of the ABC cinema where I met them so I will be in the exact place, exact spot, on the exact day 50 years on reliving my dream.