Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to the "New"

I for one was a bit surprised that Paul was back at a formal autograph signing event last week in London.   The last time fans qued up for a wristband and a chance to get Paul to sign an autograph was in November 2007 at the Virgin Store in London.    

It seemed that these type of autograph signing was a "2000's" thing and Paul thing for the 2010's was calling fans up on stage for tattoo autographs.   Since Paul did do this in New York when he was promoting "New" there, I was not expecting the fans in London would get this opportunity.   But Sir Paul is full of surprises these days, and so about 160 fans got to meet Paul ever so briefly and get his signature on the "New" Cd.    One of the lucky people was my friend, Lucy (who has had quite the adventurous week.  She was also chosen to ask Paul a question during his BBC concert the few days prior).

Fans lined the streets 30 hours before Paul was set to show up.    Sixty fans automatically got Paul's autograph because they were contest winners.   The other folks were the first 100 fans in the line, regardless of how long they waited or if they had a wristband or not.    This caused a lot of fans to go home tired, cold and angry.   Sleeping overnight  on the sidewalk and going without decent food or toilet facilities and coming home empty handed would be beyond disappointing.    My sympathies goes out to fan #101 and above who were just as dedicated as #99 or 100.  

But for the 160 who did get Paul's autograph and those precious moments to speak to him face to face, it was an unforgettable experience.

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  1. I was one of the fans who missed out :( He signed more like 80 CDs. I was around 35 after the 60 contest winners, and I didnt get to meet him.