Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two Pooped

Two Pooped:  (New York) Citations for valor above and beyond the call of duty should be made to Fred Martin, Capitol's director of public relations and Brown Meggs, the label's director of eastern operations, who arranged for the Beatles' whirlwind invasion of Gotham and Miami.  The executives displayed herculean stamina and strength throughout the group's occupation of the city.  In the top pic a finally exhausted Fred Martin (left) is shown with John Lennon (incognito).  In the bottom photo Brown Meggs (right) begins to show signs of fatigue while Ringo Starr, unmoved by the turmoil around him, calmly signs an autograph for a fan.   (February 29, 1964)

Some of these newspaper clippings are just strange.   I think the wording on this one is bizarre and uses words I would have never used.  Really these poeple used "herculean stamina and strength?"  And John is incognito?   I sure would have recognized him!  

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