Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ringo and the topless girls

This has always been one of those things that has baffled me.   In March of 1976, Ringo went to Amsterdam and announced that he had signed onto Atlantic Records. (Polydor outside of the United States)   There was a big press announcement, which is not unusual at all.   But for some reason, they decided to have Ringo pose for photos with a bunch of topless showgirls.   I do not have a clue what this had to do with Ringo changing record labels.  


  1. tits oh typical America

  2. But you're in america and destroyed the image.

    1. I destroyed the image? I don't think so. The photo was sent to me with the woman's breasts blacked out. I did not do that.

      However you are correct in that when I was in Germany I was shocked at how "free" people were. I wasn't offended or minded, but it was just WAY different than how things are in the United States.

  3. Replies
    1. You think so too? Haha! Some people don't know how to go away. At least I am not being called a blind hooker. My boyfriend and I still have an ongoing joke about that one!

  4. It's like when you put a girl in a bikini on a new car. A late 70s album by Ringo Starr very much needed that girl in a bikini...

  5. Well....we know that both Ringo....AND Ahmet Ertegun could be cads from time to time (to put it euphemistically!) I think that's the only answer to that one!!!

    But actually...poor Ringo, look at his face, he looks a little lost and unhappy....this is HIS lost weekend, good thing he found Barbara, and knocked off the sauce!!! Plus....let's face it, Beatlepeople.....the album he was promoting wasn't exactly Sgt. Pepper II !!!