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John meets a fan in Singapore

Very little is known about the traveling John did once he got his green card and could leave the United States without the fear of not being able to return.    We know that he took trips to Japan in the summer and to Hong Kong.  And obviously we know about South Africa and Bermuda in 1980.   Here is a story about John meeting a fan in Singapore in November 1976.     It seems like I have just heard some vague information about John traveling to Singapore, but this is a nice fan story and bit of information as well.

Big thanks goes out yet again to Kevin at WGYTTN.   He has been on the ball with these Lennon photos and I have been quite the slacker the past few months.    I need to get back on my A-game.   Kevin sent me this newspaper article and I really appreciate it!

The Day a Singapore girl caught Lennon shopping at the Metro
New Nation:  Saturday December 11, 1976
Written by Peter Ong

Recognize him?  Yes.  It’s John Lennon, the former Beatle who posed for this picture with airgirl Jzenea Foo in Singapore last month.  

Lennon was “caught” shopping at Metro Golden Mile by Jzenea, a Singapore airline flight stewardess.  

“I was shopping with a friend when I saw a tall man at one of the counters.  I thought he looked extremely familiar, so I went up to him and asked him if he was John Lennon,” said Jzenea.     “When he said ‘yes’ I was so excited.”  

“I almost lost my voice, but very quickly I asked my friend, who was carrying a camera, to take a picture of us.   He was very nice about it and obliged by going to a corner for a photo,” she said.
“Later when he was going down by the escalator, my friend and I were behind him.  He turned around and asked, ‘are you following me?’”  

“I think he was afraid of being seen by the public,” said Jzenea. 

Lennon was later traced to the Hyatt Hotel where he had checked in under the name of John Girskin.  He was alone and stayed for five days. 

According to a source in the hotel, Lennon gave strict instructions not to disclose his stay here to the press. 

He said he was on a private visit and did not want to be disturbed.

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