Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Sheraton Welcomes The Beatles (well...three of them plus Jimmie)

Do you think the girl in the bottom photo is really a reporter or a fan trying to look a bit older and talk to Paul?


  1. Hmmmm.....because of her blase attitude and what she's wearing, I'm going to choose legitimate reporter! She looks to be in her 20s to me....I wouldn't be getting Derek Taylor to chuck her out of the press conference!

    Just saw Ronnie Wood's interview with here's Ronnie Wood, a rock star in his own right, one of the STONES....but when it comes to having a sit down with Macca, he is clearly nervous, all of a sudden, he can barely LOOK at Paul and, as great as "Woody" is, it's apparent who the REAL rock star is.... if that's Ron Wood in the presence of a James Paul McCartney.....I don't think a fan would be able to keep her composure as well as the one pictured!!

    (on the other hand, if it IS a fan.....whoah! Good for her!!!) (maybe she'll leave a comment!! I'll bet she does!)

  2. Also she would have had to show a press pass. I don't know how easy it was to get a fake press pass. It probably wasn't that easy. I would think too, that any girl who really wanted to meet Paul or any of the Beatles, would know to lose the kerchief. :D

    1. Ah, good point! Having said that, listening to all the various press conferences, it seems like teenagers often found ways to crash the event!!

      Aw, I like the kerchief! (though, you're probably quite right that a real fan would lose it!)