Tuesday, May 21, 2013


John at the start of the "Lost Weekend."   Anyone know who is with him?    We have seen several professional type photos taken of John sitting on that love seat on this day.   Cool to see a candid shot.


  1. The guy on the Left is the Photographer of all the other well know pics made that Day.
    John seems more interested in that cute Lady :)

    1. I think he's actually more interested in that food he's munching on....and the beer that's on the floor!

      Great pic, as usual.

  2. Clever title, Sara! ;-) Great photo... love seeing new candid shots from this time. Don't know who the woman is, but that outfit is soooooo '70s!

  3. The woman in the photograph is Beverly Magid, a young writer for Record World magazine on one of her first assignments. The photo was taken at Lou Adler's home in Bel Air where John and May were staying at the time (early November 1973). John "entertained" numerous photographers and journalists that week as part of the promotional effort for "Mind Games."